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Fanart: Rick and Alex

Welcome to Salvation.

An 18-year-old Rick finds a beaten girl on his doorstep one morning. The girl is taken to the hospital and police are called. No records are found on the girl, named Alex, and Rick offers to keep her. She has head trauma and suffers from retrograde amnesia, so the two, along with their friends, try to carve out a new life together. A new dog departs from a bus to this new city. What will life in Salvation hold for these citizens? --- Updates: Sporadically Web 14

New Stuff Coming... Eventually

Boredom is a POWERFUL motivator my friends. Without it I doubt that new picture would be up there. Anyway, I will get up those new character profiles ... eventually, and I'll edit some of the pages already up.

On a different note, wanna see how much I've improved over these six months? Go to the first page, look at the picture up top, then scroll down.

My thoughts after comparing:

Character I think has improved the most: Alex
Character I think changed the most: Ethan
Character that has changed the least: Rick
Coolest character in my opinion (so far): Ethan

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Shading Techniques

If you don't understand those words under the pictures in the extra comic, I explain below:

The first one is made with Photoshop's lasso tool. I select the area I want to shade, and on a different, more translucent layer I fill it in with black.
When I shade living things with it, the shading seems too hard and makes the character somewhat "stony" as a result, at least to me.

The second one has the same principle, except it seems softer than the unaltered lasso, and the lines are blurred a bit.
I think this is more natural, but it may be too blurry, and make the person or thing seem softer than it is.

The third is like the second, but even blurrier. This usually makes something or someone look really soft, too soft.

The fourth is the burning method that I used for the first 19 comics. One of the burn tool's disadvantages is that you have to burn the layer that the color is on, thereby losing that colorflat. You have to brush it on, and unlike coloring with a black brush, the burning will add and continue to grow darker if you go over an area you've been over with the brush before. An advantage to the brun tool is that it and the dodge tool are probably the best (in my experience so far) in doing hair. That's how the hair of the characters in the second arc cover were done.

I just ask that everone tell me which method you prefer (on the comic page and not here), because I've been mulling this over for about three weeks and have yet to come to a decision on my own.
Thanks :)

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Last News Post of the Year

I took 13 hours on the 20th ... THIRTEEN HOURS!!! (But I was working on and off...) [The average time working on a comic is four to six hours) There were a bunch of programs. The problems going on with the Christmas comic ... well Photoshop lost everything I had changed to it and I lost all of my character colors, but luckily I still have individual shots of all the main characters and their colorflats. I'm going to make some sheets once I have time.

I tried cell shading this one. I think I might use this instead of the burn/dodge shading. This took extremely long in shading compared to the other method, but I think it turns out better so I will put other comics in production. This is the last comic of the year.... hopefully I can have a consistent look from '09 on huh.

Looking back on my work from two months ago is weird, I've improved (with editing) so much since then. I'm going to try to keep the circular shape, but I may have to revert back to the rectangles. If nothing else, I'll draw my own speech bubbles.

This ambling arc is almost over, and a more... sequential one will begin soon.

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Yeah. Tablet. Comics will be edited with it. Once I get good at drawing with a tablet I'll do the comic on it.

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I Apparently Am A Wolf

I took a quiz here, and it said I was a "Silver and Red Wolf". Lookee here at what it says about that.

"*howl* You're a very strong person. You tend to be naive most of the time, but when in love boy do you know how to get around! You prefer to be quite around adults. Your soul mate is the gold falcon. You're in conflict with the maroon panda."

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Gettin' Better at HTML

Alright, if you've seen the characters page, you'll notice Rick's new image. I am gonna do new pics for the characters page, so I won't have to keep using those old ones. Oh, and I'm gonna replace the 4th comic. A reader caught a misspelled word, (thanks Brit). Yeah, and I"m gettin' the hang of HTML. I might dabble in CSS later. I'm glad for the extended weekend the school's getting for Parent's Day and Election Day, (oh yeah, if you're of age [unlike me] go and vote). So I'll plan some comics, finish the final draft of the English paper due Wednesday, and get those new profile pictures up.

See ya! *rushes off to do work*

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Speech Bubbles

Woo, character page up. So is the fourth comic. I finally got the speech bubbles right. Ethan will be added to the characters page soon. Hope I can get a Halloween comic up.

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More Updates?

I think I may update more. I wanna get the story rolling, and one comic a week isn't fast enough for me, so if I can, after this week I'm going to try to update on Mondays as well as Thursdays. Note I said TRY.

I'm gonna do a Halloween special too, and I would like for you all to know the names of more than two of the characters.

Oh, new banner. Nice huh? I like it. This weekend I'm going to TRY to add a characters page.

Anyway, enjoy the comics. :D

Hmm... maybe I'll add an "About Me" page....

LATER EDIT: (10-22-08) Alright, I started looking at makinga characters page. As you see, it's "UNDER CONSTRUCTION". If I can, I'll have it up by the end of this weekend.

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