Here's stuff about the comic I bet you never cared about. :D

Basic Info:

Begin Date: October 12, 2008
End Date: ----
Medium: Digital Tools: Wacom Tablet, Adobe Photoshop CS5 (Beta)

About The Story:

Rick, a bachelor newly estranged from his parents, is living alone in an apartment. One day he finds a girl upon his doorstep. She was taken to the hospital and was analyzed. She was raped by whomever had her last. Rick and his friends stayed with the girl until she was better. The police found no records of her and and she could only remember her first name, Alexis. The police were prepared to put her into the foster care system, but Rick intervened, and is acting as her foster parent until a permanent home, or another foster home, can be found. Now Rick and his friends are trying to instill happy memories inside Alex and give her a new life.

Salvation's Background:

Salvation was and is inspired mainly from two webcomics I've read. First and foremost Housepets! for getting me into drawing furries, and secondly VG Cats to get me into getting a website.


Salvation began August 8, 2008 after about two or three days of practice in anthro art as The Life of Rick and Alex. (The comics can be found in my DeviantART gallery HERE if you're interested) It was a daily thing until school began where it became Monday-Wednesday-Friday strips.

After obtaining Photoshop Elements, resubmitting pictures to DeviantART, and producing a picture of the main characters, I found Smackjeeves. I quickly joined and on October 12, 2008 at 11:45 PM the comic was started. It began with once weekly updates for two weeks before moving to the bi-weekly updates, then back to weekly.