Comics you should read if you aren't already:

Cheap Thrills

This comic is a bout a boy named Jeordie and his friends Bethany, Anna and Erik. Jeordie is a laid back rabbit with a penchant for body modification. He seeks a girlfriend, preferably one who will put out, but may find that who he truly wants was there all along. A slice-of-life mainly following Jeordie and Beth, it's very well done adn the coloring style changes every new chapter. The comic is done by Scurvy. Its update schedule is SPORADIC.

The End of Things

The End of Things is a fantastic comic about the lives and problems of roommates and friends Evan, Ryan, and Maynard in their last year at Roslander University. The comic touches on some serious topics. It's done in black and white and is really deep. The work improves as you read it. I swear I couldn't sleep for two days straight just reflecting on what I read. I could really relate to Evan in sorts of ways, but that's just me. I easily recommend this comic to anyone and it totally deserves more readers than it has now. The comic is done by Christopher Nititham and updates on WEDNESDAYS.


Housepets is a comic about Grape and Peanut, the cat and dog of the Sandwich family (... yeah....). The comic is rated PG-13, but is really innocent and family friendly. The author is Rick Griffin. It updates on a MONDAY-WEDNESDAY-FRIDAY. Just a note, this comic helped me decide to do Salvation, and I named Rick after this guy, in a Freudian Slip of mine. -.-;

Hanna is Not a Boy's Name

HiNaBN is a fantasy comic told from the eyes of a 10+ years dead zombie with no name about the misadventures of the paranormal investigator, Hanna. Not very successful, but chocked full of spirit, watch him try to take on the supernatural world. Written and illustrated by Tessa Stone. This comic updates SPORADICALLY.


Concession is a comic going through the lives of concession stand workers and how they're all being manipulated by one wolf to try meet his dastardly ends. Homophobes beware. Rated Mature, but it's not porn. Done by Immelmann, updates TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. Here you can also reach At The Heart Of It All, another one of Immelmann's comics. (Heart is now seemingly completed)

Furthia High

Furthia High is about Kale Williams, the last human on Earth, going to public school for the first time in his life with a bunch of furries. Typical high school life, at least as typical as it can get, is endured. Done by QuetzaDrake, updates on MONDAYS and FRIDAYS.


Lackadaisy tells the tale of widowed Mitzi May, trying to run her dearly departed husband's speakeasy in the Prohibition era of the late Roaring Twenties. Great comic, especially for history buffs and cat-lovers. I'd advertise this comic to teens. Created by Tracy Butler. This comic updates SPORADICALLY.


Slackers is a B&W comic that deals in various subjects, whatever crosses the creators' minds. It's usually videogames, parodies, and/or rants. Written by Scott Smith and illustrated by Scott Hepting. THIS COMIC IS FINISHED.


Once again, homophobes beware. This is a rated PG-13 comic about Husky, a dog that lives in Santa Monica, CA; his friends and their lives. This comic was recently serialized into print and Vol. One and Two are out. It is done by Las Lindas

Las Lindas is about a dairy cow named Mora and her failing family farm Las Lindas. She goes into town to get some workers to help her out and relationships grow and change as they rebuild Las Lindas. Las Lindas is made by Chalo, ID_Fox, and SK. It updates SATURDAYS.


Twokinds is the tale about Trace Legacy and Flora. Trace (Human) has forgotten the memory of his past deeds and becomes friends with his kind's enemy, a Keidran (Canine or Feline anthropomorphic animals). Through their adventures they meet a Basitin (bipedal, long-eared, brown-furred, sentient animals) named Keith, and they adventures together. Friendship is tested and relationships are tried as Trace regains his memory and is hunted. The comic is done by Tom Fischbach and updated WEDNESDAYS.

More to come?