December 29th, 2008, 11:40 pm

Last News Post of the Year

I took 13 hours on the 20th ... THIRTEEN HOURS!!! (But I was working on and off...) [The average time working on a comic is four to six hours) There were a bunch of programs. The problems going on with the Christmas comic ... well Photoshop lost everything I had changed to it and I lost all of my character colors, but luckily I still have individual shots of all the main characters and their colorflats. I'm going to make some sheets once I have time.

I tried cell shading this one. I think I might use this instead of the burn/dodge shading. This took extremely long in shading compared to the other method, but I think it turns out better so I will put other comics in production. This is the last comic of the year.... hopefully I can have a consistent look from '09 on huh.

Looking back on my work from two months ago is weird, I've improved (with editing) so much since then. I'm going to try to keep the circular shape, but I may have to revert back to the rectangles. If nothing else, I'll draw my own speech bubbles.

This ambling arc is almost over, and a more... sequential one will begin soon.

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